Patches and Updates

All Software programmes and operating systems are vulnerable to attack, which is why developers regularly release patches and updates. It is very important that you install updates as soon as they become available to ensure the security of your data and to protect MYREN’s network from attack.

Secure your operating system


  1. Keep your Windows device up to date by turning on automatic updates.
  2. Check that you’ve installed the latest Windows operating system security update from Microsoft. If automatic updates are turned on, the updates should be automatically delivered to you, but you should still verify that they’re installed. For instructions, see Windows Update: FAQ
  3. Install available hardware (firmware) updates from your device manufacturer. All customers will have to check with their device manufacturer to download and install their device specific hardware update. See the “Additional resources” section for a list of device manufacturer websites 
  • Once installed, the update service will regularly prompt you to accept operating system updates and patches.
  • Always accept the software updates that are offered to you and reboot your computer when prompted.

Apple Mac

  1. Launch the App Store on your Mac (click on the blue icon containing a white A, or search by pressing space+command and typing App Store).
  2. Search for macOS .
  3. Click on macOS High Sierra (or the version of Mac OS X you require).
  4. Click on Download.
  5. Fill out your Apple ID information if prompted.
  6. The Installer will start to download, you can see how long it will take if you look at the bar under Downloading.
  7. Once the installer file has downloaded a window will pop up on your Mac telling you and asking you to Continue.The Installer file can be found in Applications (but it will open automatically).
  • You must always accept the software updates that are offered to you and reboot your computer when prompted.