Education Technology & Research


Assoc.Prof. Dr.Lakshmi Selvaratnam (lakshmi.selvaratnam@monash.ed)

Assoc. Prof. Dr.Arkendu Sen (


Our objectives are to:

1) Research and develop innovative pedagogical strategies for collaborative education technology and ancillary technology tools and devices

2) Engage large student cohorts through group active learning within technology-integrated networked classrooms and learning environments

3) Develop a distance learning, inclusive education framework for technology-integrated networked classrooms to reach remote & rural learners

Sub-Working Groups on

  1. Surgical & Clinical Professional Education,

Assoc Prof. Arkendu Sen (E-mail:

Assoc Prof Robert Penafort, (Email :

  1. Allied Health (Nursing & Pharmacy) Education

Assoc Prof. Khatijah Abdullah, (E-mail:

Mr David Chong, (E-mail:

  1. Veterinary Education

Assoc Prof. Sharifah Syed Hassan (

Prof. Dr Rozanah Asmah Abdul Samad, (E-mail: