Apply for Membership

Enquiry for new membership / fee structure / service terms and conditions can be made at or contact us at 03 – 8318 3151.

Application for new membership can be made by filling up the Service Request Form below and email to The Administration office will contact you for connectivity arrangements.

Any user who wishes to change its current subscribed bandwidth shall submit the request of change via the Service Request Form below

The change of service will be provisioned according to the following timelines depending on the type of request:

  1. Provision of bandwidth change (without any port upgrade) is within 7 working days for domestic connectivity and 14 working days for international connectivity
  2. Provision of bandwidth change (with port upgrade) is within 14 working days for domestic connectivity and 30 working day’s for international connectivity

User’s must submit request, in consideration of the above timeline. For change of service request that occurs within existing 1-year membership subscription period, the new membership service fee will be applicable on a pro-rated basis. In the event of a bandwidth downgrade change, the difference in membership service fee will be credited for the user’s future use. Any change in fee is within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Download Service Request / Service Change Form (PDF Format)

The Service Terms and Conditions is established to ensure that users of MYREN are provided with acceptable level of service, and at the same time to ensure that users comply with the stipulated conditions. The Terms and Conditions are applicable to the members once a connection to the network is established, and as long as the members is being connected to the network.

MYREN Service Terms and Conditions 2017 (PDF Format)

The minimum subscription period for all users of MYREN is 1 year. User who intends to terminate the connection to MYREN before the minimum subscription period must submit request via the Service Termination Form. The completed form must be emailed  to MYREN Administration Office. MYREN is not liable to refund fee, if termination is made less than the minimum service subscription period.

Download Service Termination Form (PDF Format)

Fault Reporting, Restoration Fault Management and restoration for non-critical faults is within 2 hours. Users can report the fault through:

Helpdesk : 603 – 8318 3151
Fax : 603 – 8318 5034
E-mail :